Nicolas Azlon

Music Videos

At the moment, I only have music videos from my live performances. However, videos with higher production quality are on the way! You can sign up below to get a free copy of my new album Infinite Potential, and I’ll send new videos your way as they are released! In the meantime, here’s a little bit of background on these live performance music videos.

This first one is from my album release party on 1/27/17 at The Blackheart in Austin, Texas. It was filmed by the wonderful Sierra Tothero and features my good friends Much 2 Much and DJ Zetroc. The song is titled “Just Sing.” It was produced by Ruler Why, a local producer and is featured on my most recent EP, Evolutionaries. I love the driving energy of this song and felt it was a strong opener. I really enjoyed seeing the crowd interacting and moving with me!

Bare (Live At The Blackheart)

This second music video is a live performance of Bare, one of my favorite songs from Infinite Potential. The original track features Mary Bryce, an amazing local musician. But, in this live version, Much 2 Much hold down the chorus harmonies.

I love performing this song live because of the catchy chorus and mystical vibes of the song. This song is very much about appreciating the mystery of life, enjoying the miraculous nature of the present moment, and having respect for our relationship with all life. I feel that operating with an “attitude of gratitude” naturally orients us in the direction of growth and service. And, I would love to help this paradigm grow more into conventional consciousness. So, I’m doing my best to embdy it and share it through my music.


Why (Live at The UT Concho Community Garden)

This last music video is from a show I played at The UT Concho Community Garden. This show was so much fun! I had performed a short time before this at a funderaiser for The Festival Beach Food Forest. An attendee really enjoyed my performance and invited me to play at this event. It was so much fun to get to perform for a group of like-minded individuals! They were ready to have fun and celebrate! I was super grateful to get a chance to share songs that were new at the time and see their responses. I especially liked how much they danced, cheered, and sang lyrics back to me. This was a fun show!

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