Nicolas Azlon

Hello! I’m Nicolas Azlon. I’m a musician from Austin, Texas. I love using music to create a positive impact on the world. Having played in bands since the time I was eleven years old, I recognize the power of music and want to use it to make a positive difference. 

My intention is to develop my skills as much as possible, and to be of service through my talents and abilities. In addition, I intend to connect with as many people as possible who share a similar mindset and worldview, so we can collectively create a more sustainable, thriving world. 

As far as my music goes, I love to sing, rap, and write songs, play every instrument I can get my hands on, record, produce, mix, and collaborate. I’m constantly making new beats, writing new songs, and connecting with other musicans to collaborate. I love performing live, both solo and with a band, and I’m super excited to tour more extensively in the months and years to come. I see my musical journey as a way to connect with people who are making a positive impact on the world. 

Moving forward, my intention is to build more extensively with individuals who have a highly developed understanding of what we need to do collectively to realize global sustainability. My intention is to then use music to bring more awareness to these individuals, their messages, and the actions necessary to create a sustainable, thriving world.