Nicolas Azlon
Austin Concerts

Enjoying Music In Austin

I’ve been enjoying and performing at Austin concerts since I was around eleven years old. Live music has always been an important part of my life. Listening, dancing, and enjoying the unique energy of live shows adds something super special to life.

The more I perform live, the more I think about how the songs I write will affect people. To see excitement in others, to see them dance to what you’ve made, it’s a really special feeling.

I’m super grateful for all of the music I’ve been able to enjoy as a result of growing up in Austin. And, moving forward I’m really excited to tour more extensively and share my music with a larger audience!

Austin Concerts

Album Release Party

It was such a joy to release my new album Infinite Potential at The Blackheart on 1/27/17 with Tee Double, Clifton Dukes, and King Warbler. Accompanied by my friends Much 2 Much and DJ Zetroc, I got to share some of my favorite new songs. A song from my Evolutionaries EP, Just Sing, worked as a solid opener. Later on, Bare and other tunes from the new album helped to create a more melodic groove. Based on how the crowd responded, I was grateful to feel that the new music was well received.

In addition to all of the music, I was really excited to have special presentations from local community minded organizations like The Festival Beach Food Forest, Austin Permaculture Guild, In.gredients, and Whole Life Learning Center. To me, this was a small first step towards using my music to help create a positive impact in the world.

Austin Concerts

Austin Concerts

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