Nicolas Azlon

Good Songs

Hey! Thanks for checking out my music! Here are a few of good songs from my new projects Infinite Potential and Evolutionaries.

In this first song, Why, I talk about how I feel love is the most important thing. Since I have the opportunity to share music with people, I really want to do everything I can to add something significant to their lives. And, what could be better to add to someone’s life than love? Love can have a profound affect on how we choose to act in the world. So many tragedies in this world are caused by excessive inner tension, pain, and suffering. However, love has a way of unpacking and healing this suffering. So, if I can add a little more love to the world, I’m happy to do it!


Relax Kid

In this song, Relax Kid, I explore the balance between working super hard for what you believe in and taking time to rest and nourish yourself.

I have the habit of really focusing on my goals. I use nearly all of my waking energy to realize them. That being the case, I’ve often found myself in a state of complete overwhelm. After getting into this overwhelmed state a number of times, I gradually became aware that this is not the state for optimal performance.

When we’re overwhelmed, our ability to make decisions is weaker. It becomes more challenging to interact with others in a beneficial manner. Creative problem solving becomes much more challenging. So, sometimes the best thing we can do is take time to do something recreational. When we recharge and approach the project anew we’re often able to come up with awesome new solutions.

Good songs like this one help to remind me of that. There’s always work to be done. And we’re more effective at that work when we’re in a good state.


In this song, Skywalker, I dig into some of the more challenging aspects of what I see in the world and how I plan to overcome these obstacles.

I’ve gradually become aware of how many challenges we face in the US and globally. From healthcare to education, the energy sector to prisons, it seems there are consistent practices that serve the interest of a few individuals rather than the collective whole. Examples of this include the¬†unscrupulous practices that led to widespread economic turmoil in 2008, the pharmaceutical drugs that kill thousands of people each year, and the prison complex that affects the lives of millions. There are many more examples. These are just a few.

With all of these unhealthy institutions in the world, I do my best to adopt practices that empower me to live a beautiful life. I love meditation, yoga, exercise, healthy eating, and personal development. And, as I learn more about these things, I want to share them with more people so they can experience benefits similar to what I’ve enjoyed.

I feel that the more I grow and develop myself, the more I’m able to positively impact the world around me. So, I continue to work to become the best version of myself, share what I can, and connect with others who are doing the same!

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