Nicolas Azlon

Rap Acapellas

I’ve always loved writing rap acapellas and good songs. It’s a way for me to reflect on what’s going on in my life, the world, and my relationships. I love it because It provides a way for me to actively construct what I want to see happen in my life. In addition, it gives me an opportunity to express what I want to see in the world. It gives me structure. Yet it also gives me freedom. It allows me to process what I’m going through and make something positive out of it. Because of this, I love this writing acapellas and can easily spend hours writing when I get in the zone.

Performing my rap acapellas also offers me an easy excuse to get outside! I write a lot about making a positive environmental impact because we all need a healthy environment to survive and large-scale industrys today are destroying huge amounts of important ecological systems. For me, spending time in nature to record is a natural way I can enjoy nature’s beauty while spreading a positive message.


Grateful For The Creative Process

I’m super grateful to have the opportunity to write and share my art with friends, family, and those I don’t yet know. Writing is such a gift. I love hearing feedback after my performances. You never know what exactly is going to resonate with people until you share it and see their response. It’s amazing to me that , although I’m writing to express my truth, people light up when they hear certain lines. To have the opportunity to make a positive impact on people is a great gift.

I feel that the better I get at expressing my truth, the better I get at connecting with people who are bold enough to express their own truth. To me, this is an integral part of building the network that is necessary to create a thriving, sustainable world.

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